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District Administration

Title Name Email Location
Superintendent Dr. Shawn Schleizer        District Office
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Dr. Jhoon "Jake" Chung District Office
Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning Dr. Aaron Roberson     District Office
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services/Chief Financial Office       Jordi Camps District Office
Director of Communications Janet Spector Bishop District Office
Director of Multilingual Services Erin Sterling District Office
Director of Family Services Angelica Schab Family Resource Center     
Director of Operations Anthony Bersani District Office
Director of Special Services Jennifer Pacheco District Office
Director of Technology Keith Shaffer District Office


School Administration, Address and Phone Numbers

Title Name Email Location Phone
Principal Lewis Roberts Gemini Middle School 847.827.1181    
Assistant Principal     Wendy Brutt Gemini Middle School 847.827.1181
Assistant Principal David Lee Gemini Middle School 847.827.1181
Assistant Principal Erica Perelgut Gemini Middle School 847.827.1181
Dean of Students Timothy Mackin Gemini Middle School 847.827.1181
Principal Elizabeth Russell Apollo School 847.827.6231
Assistant Principal Brian Gariti Apollo School 847.827.6231
Principal Howard Sussman Mark Twain School 847.296.5341
Assistant Principal Ellian Eydis Mark Twain School 847.296.5341
Principal Angela Maki Melzer School 847.965.7474
Assistant Principal Samantha Eiseman Melzer School 847.965.7474
Principal Barb Golik Early Learning Center - Preschool     847.827.4165
Principal Lauren Leitao Nelson School 847.965.0050
Assistant Principal Sarah Ezzat Nelson School 847.965.0050
Principal Katharine Anderson     Washington School 847.965.4780
Assistant Principal Samantha Eiseman Washington School 847.965.4780